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TikTac Spanish – Junior Programme

TikTac Spanish by Mixitup Academy. Research shows that playful learning experiences can be very effective ways to develop a broad range of skills in children. Learning through play happens best when it is experienced as joyful, actively engaging and socially interactive.

Children are often more enthusiastic and lively as “little” learners. They want to please their teachers and they’d like to have a go at activities even if they don’t quite understand how and why. Most of the kids often seem less embarrassed than adults at speaking a new language, and their lack of inhibition could help them to get a more native-like accent. However, they also lose their interest and concentration very fast and are less able to keep themselves motivated on difficult tasks or tasks they don’t like.

Research also shows that learning a second language might boost listening skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They improve the ability to learn and to multitask and in addition they improve memory and concentration. Children proficient in other languages also show signs of mental flexibility and enhanced creativity.

Dear adult (and parent), what if there was one thing you could do that could help grow your children’s brain and help them to deepen their empathy and cross-cultural understanding? To help them do better on tests and exams, prepare them for better paying jobs of the future and give them the best tools to unlock rich life experiences? You would be all for that?!

TikTac Spanish might be the solution for your child.


Develop great cognitive abilities:

  • become more creative
  • improved memory
  • better problem solving skills
  • improve mental flexibility
  • learn to be more patient
  • build imagination and attention

Develop individual abilities:

  • score higher marks in maths, languages, arts
  • improve self – esteem, because they speak another language
  • learn critical thinking
  • make new, international friends
  • grow up with an intercultural understanding

At Mixitup Academy, we take learning seriously, but we make it fun! Our aim is to make all the children speak Spanish with confidence.

Course content:

4 one – to – one private lessons/month (40 minutes/ lesson) or 4 lessons/month in a group of 3/4 children (40 minutes/ lesson)


Games, online games, memory games, songs, audios, videos, acting, speaking activities, reading activities, stories, writing activities, math activities (in Spanish), flashcards, quizzes, practical activities, crafts, baking, shopping, outings

Target Audience

This course is designed for BEGINNER – KIDS

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