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Explorando España – 100 historias de audio con ejercicios

Hello! If you’re seeking an engaging and effective method to learn Spanish while immersing yourself in Spanish culture, this course is perfect for you. Introducing our 100 Spanish Stories: Exploring Spain audio course, tailored for individuals looking to enhance their Spanish language proficiency at an intermediate to advanced level and gain insights into various regions of Spain.

Each lesson serves as a captivating journey, delving into specific topics related to different Spanish regions, covering aspects such as culture, history, customs, and gastronomy. Through this course, you’ll discover intriguing and amusing facts about the Spanish people and their unique personalities.

The course contains:

  • Lessons covering the northern, central, southern, and island regions of the country.
  • Stories from local people or visitors to each region
  • A variety of accents and local vocabulary, so that students can become familiar with the language in real-life situations
  • Funny stories with characters going through various experiences while traveling
  • Practical exercises to help students improve their listening comprehension and conversational skills in Spanish

This Spanish course is a valuable tool for those:

  • Interested in getting to know the different regions of Spain
  • Who want to improve their Spanish language in a fun and practical way
  • Who want to do it at their own pace

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to confidently communicate with the Spaniards while enjoying the culture and beauty of Spain? With this 100 audio/text Spanish course to get to know Spain, you can definitely do it!

Course materials include:

Target Audience

This course is designed for INTERMEDIATE – ADVANCED LEVEL B1 – C1

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